In my work with children, teenagers and adults I focus on building inner resources, strength and resilience to equip people in coping with life's challenges. I also aim to help clients gain insight into their difficulties or distress, making sense of their experiences and enable them to find more appropriate ways of coping or bring about changes in their thinking and behaviour.

Children & teenagers

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that demonstrate the value of psychotherapy for children and teenagers. Globally, 50 percent of mental illnesses that occur in a lifetime begin by age 14 according to the World Health Organization. Getting things right from the beginning is the best way to create a good life for children and the earlier we can intervene, the better.  

Building emotional intelligence in children gives them the key to not only current well-being but also long term success in life, and for this reason I always consider ways of promoting emotional intelligence in my work with children and teenagers. Effective mastery of social-emotional competencies is associated with greater well-being and better school performance whereas the failure to achieve competence in these areas can lead to a variety of personal, social, and academic difficulties.


I always use the first session or two to gain a full understanding of the client's situation, difficulties, challenges and the factors that contribute to this. We may consider psychometric assessments to assist in this diagnostic process and to help the client become more self-aware of their personal strengths or areas in need of development. Together with the client, we then discuss goals for therapy and what the approach for achieving these goals will be. My goal is always to assist the client in moving beyond a symptom-free life to a life of meaning and true happiness.