About Protecea 

(Pronounced: Pro-tee-see-a)

Inspiration for the name: Protecea Consulting

The king protea flower always amazes me at how strong, sturdy and beautiful it can be in spite of growing in nutrient-poor soils. The seeds are stored in the fire proof cones and released, usually after a fire, when the cone dries out.  The fire helps it to reproduce. After fires much of the above ground vegetation is burnt; however the king protea plant persists in an underground bole, from which it will sprout into several stems.
Life is full of veld fires. My vision is to help people build strong, underground resources; to help people become resilient to life's challenges, fruitful in spite of unfavourable circumstances, and confident in their own beauty and strength. 

My story

It has been 10 years since I completed my Masters degree in clinical psychology at North-West University, Potchefstroom. Since then, my career journey has taken me from being a clinical psychologist in a psychiatric hospital, to working with maximum security prisoners, to private practice, to a corporate environment of management and training, only to return to clinical psychology and private practice – my true passion and calling.

I have a special interest in the following:

I have always had a special interest in helping children from divorced families. I remember growing up and witnessing the effect divorce had on the lives of many of my friends and their parents. I was introduced to The Sandcastles Program during my training and decided to do an evaluation of the Sandcastles Program for my Masters thesis in 2003. The positive results of my research started a dream of becoming a licensed Sandcastles provider for South Africa. This dream became a reality when the author of the program (the well-known and respected M.Gary Neuman) visited South Africa for the first time in June 2013. I am now a licensed Sandcastles provider and it is my dream that every single child of divorce will be offered the opportunity to go through this program. No child should be dealing with these intense emotions on his/her own.

I was introduced to emotional intelligence during my training but only really discovered the value of emotional intelligence and positive psychology while working in the field of corporate psychology. Since then, my approach to helping people changed quite a bit. Emotional intelligence involves the ability to understand oneself and others, relate to others, and adapt to changing environmental circumstances and demands. Emotional intelligence is so important if we want to be effective in our personal, relational and/or professional lives. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes people well and enable them to thrive. Where previously my aim was to relieve depression, anxiety and other symptoms, I now focus on moving beyond a symptom-free life to a life of meaning and true happiness. To achieve this it is important for me that clients feel understood, equipped, a sense of enlightenment, being challenged and motivated for change.

I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a Clinical Psychologist (independent practice), registration number: PS 0090395. I am also a professional member of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PSYSSA) - the representative national professional psychology body.